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EAF Author: Charles Farrar Browne (1834-1867)

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Charles Farrar Browne , also known as Artemus Ward, was born in Maine in 1834. His career began as a printer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Using the Ward pseudonym, however, Browne quickly became successful as a humorist — first as a letter-writer and then as a traveling lecturer. He is considered part of the American "unlettered" style of humor which also includes Mark Twain. Browne died in 1867 of tuberculosis while touring England.

Works in the EAF Collection

Artemus Ward, His Book (1862)

Artemus Ward, His Travels (1865)

Artemus Ward in London, and Other Papers (1867) (Restricted)

Artemus Ward's Panorama (1869) (Restricted)

Contemporary Biographies

From Oscar Fay Adams, A Dictionary of American Authors (1901)

From Samuel Austin Allibone, A Critical Dictionary of English Literature (1900)