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E-Text Center Experience Invaluable to Students

Library Developments, (Winter 1999).

Since the beginning of 1999, the Electronic Text (E-Text) Center endowment has grown thanks to gifts from Lloyd T. Smith, Jr. (BA `55, JD `6o), G. Scott Shackelford (BA `5 5), Roderick Vere Nicoll, and the Kathryn and W Harry Schwarzschild Fund. A goal in the current Campaign is to establish a $ r million endowment for each of the Library's Digital Centers for equipment and software upgrades and fellowships for students who work in the centers. These students gain valuable experience outside the classroom, leading to enhanced career opportunities.

As the new SGML Database Manager for Grolier's Encyclopedia, Tom Lukas (BS `9'7) "has learned from the world of job hunting that there are a lot of technically trained people out there, but there are precious few who can combine a knowledge of Standard Generalized Markup Language encoding, document structure, and literary skills that are in such high demand in the academic, legal, and medical publishing fields. My E-Text credentials made it possible for me to pick and choose among several jobs in electronic publishing."

Catherine Tousignant (BS `92, MA `95), who was the Associate Coordinator of the Center while working on her doctorate in English at U.Va., feels "the hands-on experience that I garnered in my years at the E-Text Center was unique in its comprehensiveness. My experience in all aspects of producing web-based library collections made me an exceptionally strong candidate for my current position as a Digital Conversion Specialist at the National Digital Library of the Library of Congress. Because the E-Text Center is well known and respected throughout the Digital Library world for its highquality and longstanding work, it was understood that I was well prepared and properly trained."

Networked electronic texts and books have become a mainstream part of teaching and research resources, and the E-Text Center is at the forefront of this endeavor worldwide. Karen Wikander, another EText alumna now at Oxford University, says, "the Center is internationally known for its creation of a successful, reliable text library and archive, and is looked at not only for its history of accomplishments, but as an institution that sets the standards for online collections. Saying that I worked with Center Director David Seaman is like saying I worked with Steven Spielberg - he's someone that everyone in this field knows and wants to work with."

Those who support the E-Text Center by building its endowment and providing stipends for students working in the center are helping forge the future of all research libraries in the digital information age.

Library Developments.