(C) International Organization for Standardization 1986
     Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with
     conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in
     ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies.

 Character entity set. Typical invocation:
       "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES
        Added Math Symbols: Negated Relations//EN">

ENTITY gnap   SDATA "[gnap  ]"--/gnapprox N: greater, not approximate
ENTITY gne    SDATA "[gne   ]"--/gneq N: greater, not equals
ENTITY gnE    SDATA "[gnE   ]"--/gneqq N: greater, not dbl equals
ENTITY gnsim  SDATA "[gnsim ]"--/gnsim N: greater, not similar
ENTITY gvnE   SDATA "[gvnE  ]"--/gvertneqq N: gt, vert, not dbl eq
ENTITY lnap   SDATA "[lnap  ]"--/lnapprox N: less, not approximate
ENTITY lnE    SDATA "[lnE   ]"--/lneqq N: less, not double equals
ENTITY lne    SDATA "[lne   ]"--/lneq N: less, not equals
ENTITY lnsim  SDATA "[lnsim ]"--/lnsim N: less, not similar
ENTITY lvnE   SDATA "[lvnE  ]"--/lvertneqq N: less, vert, not dbl eq
ENTITY nap    SDATA "[nap   ]"--/napprox N: not approximate
ENTITY ncong  SDATA "[ncong ]"--/ncong N: not congruent with
ENTITY nequiv SDATA "[nequiv]"--/nequiv N: not identical with
ENTITY ngE    SDATA "[ngE   ]"--/ngeqq N: not greater, dbl equals
ENTITY nge    SDATA "[nge   ]"--/ngeq N: not greater-than-or-equal
ENTITY nges   SDATA "[nges  ]"--/ngeqslant N: not gt-or-eq, slanted
ENTITY ngt    SDATA "[ngt   ]"--/ngtr N: not greater-than
ENTITY nle    SDATA "[nle   ]"--/nleq N: not less-than-or-equal
ENTITY nlE    SDATA "[nlE   ]"--/nleqq N: not less, dbl equals
ENTITY nles   SDATA "[nles  ]"--/nleqslant N: not less-or-eq, slant
ENTITY nlt    SDATA "[nlt   ]"--/nless N: not less-than
ENTITY nltri  SDATA "[nltri ]"--/ntriangleleft N: not left triangle
ENTITY nltrie SDATA "[nltrie]"--/ntrianglelefteq N: not l tri, eq
ENTITY nmid   SDATA "[nmid  ]"--/nmid
ENTITY npar   SDATA "[npar  ]"--/nparallel N: not parallel
ENTITY npr    SDATA "[npr   ]"--/nprec N: not precedes
ENTITY npre   SDATA "[npre  ]"--/npreceq N: not precedes, equals
ENTITY nrtri  SDATA "[nrtri ]"--/ntriangleright N: not rt triangle
ENTITY nrtrie SDATA "[nrtrie]"--/ntrianglerighteq N: not r tri, eq
ENTITY nsc    SDATA "[nsc   ]"--/nsucc N: not succeeds
ENTITY nsce   SDATA "[nsce  ]"--/nsucceq N: not succeeds, equals
ENTITY nsim   SDATA "[nsim  ]"--/nsim N: not similar
ENTITY nsime  SDATA "[nsime ]"--/nsimeq N: not similar, equals
ENTITY nsmid  SDATA "[nsmid ]"--/nshortmid
ENTITY nspar  SDATA "[nspar ]"--/nshortparallel N: not short par
ENTITY nsub   SDATA "[nsub  ]"--/nsubset N: not subset
ENTITY nsube  SDATA "[nsube ]"--/nsubseteq N: not subset, equals
ENTITY nsubE  SDATA "[nsubE ]"--/nsubseteqq N: not subset, dbl eq
ENTITY nsup   SDATA "[nsup  ]"--/nsupset N: not superset
ENTITY nsupE  SDATA "[nsupE ]"--/nsupseteqq N: not superset, dbl eq
ENTITY nsupe  SDATA "[nsupe ]"--/nsupseteq N: not superset, equals
ENTITY nvdash SDATA "[nvdash]"--/nvdash N: not vertical, dash
ENTITY nvDash SDATA "[nvDash]"--/nvDash N: not vertical, dbl dash
ENTITY nVDash SDATA "[nVDash]"--/nVDash N: not dbl vert, dbl dash
ENTITY nVdash SDATA "[nVdash]"--/nVdash N: not dbl vertical, dash
ENTITY prnap  SDATA "[prnap ]"--/precnapprox N: precedes, not approx
ENTITY prnE   SDATA "[prnE  ]"--/precneqq N: precedes, not dbl eq
ENTITY prnsim SDATA "[prnsim]"--/precnsim N: precedes, not similar
ENTITY scnap  SDATA "[scnap ]"--/succnapprox N: succeeds, not approx
ENTITY scnE   SDATA "[scnE  ]"--/succneqq N: succeeds, not dbl eq
ENTITY scnsim SDATA "[scnsim]"--/succnsim N: succeeds, not similar
ENTITY subne  SDATA "[subne ]"--/subsetneq N: subset, not equals
ENTITY subnE  SDATA "[subnE ]"--/subsetneqq N: subset, not dbl eq
ENTITY supne  SDATA "[supne ]"--/supsetneq N: superset, not equals
ENTITY supnE  SDATA "[supnE ]"--/supsetneqq N: superset, not dbl eq
ENTITY vsubnE SDATA "[vsubnE]"--/subsetneqq N: subset not dbl eq, var
ENTITY vsubne SDATA "[vsubne]"--/subsetneq N: subset, not eq, var
ENTITY vsupne SDATA "[vsupne]"--/supsetneq N: superset, not eq, var
ENTITY vsupnE SDATA "[vsupnE]"--/supsetneqq N: super not dbl eq, var