A Delegate in Congress APPENDIX Elbridge Gerry Abiel Foster Abner Nash Abraham Baldwin Abraham Clark Abraham Yates Abraham Yates, Jr. Alexander Hamilton Alexander McDougall Allen Jones Andrew Adams Andrew Allen Artemas Ward Arthur Lee Arthur Middleton Arthur St. Clair Benjamin Contee Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin and James Wilson Benjamin Harrison Benjamin Hawkins Benjamin Huntington Benjamin Rumsey Benjamin Rush Board of Treasury Board of War Cadwalader Morris Caesar Rodney Carter Braxton Charles Carroll of Carrollton Charles Carroll, Barrister Charles DeWitt Charles Pettit Charles Pinckney Charles Pinckney's Draft Letter Charles Pinckney's Speech Charles Stewart Charles Thomsom Charles Thomson Charles Thomson's Draft Letter Christopher Gadsden Commissioners Committee Committee at Camp Committee at Headquarters Committee at Lancaster Committee for Foreign Affairs Committee for Indian Affairs Committee for Indian Affairs Speech Committee of Arrangement Committee of Commerce Committee of Conference Committee of Congress Committee of Congress Proposed Letter Committee of Intelligence Committee of Secret Correspondence Committee on Clothing Committee on Emergency Provisions Committee on Fortifying Ports Committee on Hostilities Committee on Publishing a Bible Committee on the Department of Finance Committee on the Pennsylvania Mutiny Congress Congress' Instructions Connecticut Delegates Connecticut Delegates' Memorial Contain'd in a Packet Cornelius Harnett Cyrus Griffin Daniel Carroll Daniel Huger Daniel Mowry Daniel Roberdeau Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer David Gelston David Howell David Jackson David Ramsay Delaware Delegates Delaware, Maryland, and South Carolina Delegates Diary Silas Deane Dyre Kearny Edmund Pendleton Edmund Randolph Edward Biddle Edward Carrington Edward Carrrington Edward Hand Edward Langworthy Edward Rutledge Edward Telfair Elbridge Gerry Elbridge Gerry and John Penn Elbridge Gerry and Rufus King Elbridge Gerry et al. Elbridge Gerry's Draft Letter Eleazer McComb Elias Boudinot Elias Boudinot's Draft Circular Letter Eliphalet Dyer Ephraim Paine Erza L'Hommedieu Executive Committee Ezekiel Cornell Ezra L' Hommedieu Ezra L'Hommedieu Francis Dana Francis Hopkinson Francis Kinloch Francis Lewis Francis Lightfoot Lee Frederick A. Muhlenberg Frederick Frelinghuysen George Clinton George Frost George Partridge George Plater George Read George Ross George Thatcher George Walton George Washington George Wythe George Wythe's Draft Address Georgia Delegates Gouverneur Morris Gouverneur Morris' Amendment Gouverneur Morris' Notes on George Johnstone's Letter Grand Committee Gunning Bedford, Jr. Gunning Bedford, Jr., Henry Laurens Henry Laurens' Speech Henry Lee Henry Marchant Henry Middleton Henry Wisner Horatio Gates' Notes for a Speech Hugh Williamson Isaac Low Isaac Motte Jacob Read James Daune James Duane James Duane's Speech James Forbes James Henry James Lovell James M Varnum James M. Varnum James Madison James Madison and William Grayson James Madison's Answers James Manning James McHenry James McLene James Mercer James Monroe James R. Reid James Searle James Smith James Sykes James Tilton James Varnum James Wadsworth James White James Wilson Jared Ingersoll Jeremiah Wadsworth Jesse Root John Adams John Adams' Draft Letter John Adams' Memorandum of Measures John Adams' Notes on Means John Adams' Proposals for an Expedition John Alsop John Alsop, Philip Livingston, Francis Lewis and Robert Morris John Armstrong John Armstrong, Jr. John Armstrong, Sr ., John Armstrong, Sr. John Armstrong, Sr., John B. Ashe John Banister John Bayard John Beatty John Brown John Cleves Symmes John Collins John Dawson John DeHart John Dickinson John Dickinson's Draft Address John Dickinson's Draft Letter John Dickinson's Draft Memorial John Dickinson's Draft Reply John Dickinson's Proposed Instructions for Commissioners John Dickinson's Proposed Resolutions on a Petition John Eager Howard John F. Mercer John Fell John Francis Mercer John Habersham John Hancock John Hanson John Harvie John Harvie and Gouverneur Morris John Henry John Jay John Jay's Draft Petition John Kean John Langdon John Laurance John Lewis Gervais John Lovell John Lowell John Mathews John Montgomery John Morin Scott John Morton John Penn John Rogers John Rutledge John Rutledge's? Proposed Resolutions John Sitgreaves John Sullivan John Sullivan's and James M. Varnum's Memorial John Swann John Taylor Gilman John Vining John Walker John Wentworth John Williams John Witherspoon John Witherspoon's Draft Letter John Zubly Jonathan Arnold Jonathan Bayard Smith Jonathan Blanchard Jonathan Dayton Jonathan Dickinson Sergeant Jonathan Elmer Jonathan Hazard Jonathan Jackson Joseph Galloway Joseph Gardner Joseph Hewes Joseph Hewes and Robert Smith Joseph Jones Joseph Platt Cooke Joseph Reed Joseph Spencer Josiah Bartlett Josiah Hornblower Lambert Cadwalader Leonard Gansevoort Lewis Morris Lyman Hall Mann Page Marine Committe Marine Committee Maryland Delegates Massachusetts Agents Massachusetts Delegates Massachusetts and New York Agents Massachusetts and New York Delegates Matthew Thornton Matthew Tilghman Medical Committee Melancton Smith Member of Congress Meriwether Smith Nathan Dane Nathan Dane's Address Nathan Dane? Nathaniel Folsom Nathaniel Gorham Nathaniel Mitchell Nathaniel Peabody Nathaniel Ramsey Nathaniel Scudder Naval Committee New England Delegates New Hampshire Delegates New Jersey Delegates New York Agents New York Agents and Massachusetts Agents New York Delegates New York and Massachusetts Agents Nicholas Eveleigh Nicholas Gilman Nicholas Gilman? Nicholas Van Dyke Noble Wimberly Jones North Carolina Delegates Notes on Delegates' Remarks Oliver Ellsworth Oliver Wolcott Paine Wingate Patrick Henry's Draft Address Peleg Arnold Pennsylvania Delegates Peyton Randolph Philemon Dickinson Philip Livingston Philip Schuyler Philip Schuyler's Memorial Phillips White Photographic Reproduction of Meriwether Smith's Appeal Photographic Reproduction of President Laurens' June 6, 1778 letter Photographic copy of James Lovell's May 30,1777, Letter Pierce Butler Pierpont Edwards Pierse Long Ralph Izard Rhode Island Delegates Rhode Island Expedition Commissioners Rhode lsland Delegates Richard Beresford Richard Caswell Richard Dobbs Spaight Richard Henry Lee Richard Henry Lee's Draft Address Richard Henry Lee's Draft Letter Richard Henry Lee's Draft of a Letter for Henry Laurens Richard Howly Richard Hutson Richard Law Richard Peters Richard Potts Richard Smith Richard Stockton Robert Alexander Robert Barnwell Robert Burton Robert Morris Robert Morris and John Dickinson Robert R. Livingston Robert R. Livingston, Jr., Robert Treat Paine Roger Alden Roger Sherman Roger Sherman? Rufus King Rufus King and Elbridge Gerry Rufus King's Proposed Letter Rufus King's Proposed letter Samuel A. Otis Samuel Adams Samuel Adams' Draft Letter Samuel Chase Samuel Dick Samuel Hardy Samuel Holten Samuel Huntington Samuel J. Atlee Samuel Johnston Samuel Livermore Samuel Meredith Samuel Osgood Samuel Otis Samuel Ward Samuel Wharton Secret Committee Sent from Phila. Silas Condict Silas Deane Silas Deane's Proposals South Carolina Delegate South Carolina Delegates South Carolina Delegates' Report Stephen Higginson Stephen Higginson? Stephen Hopkins Stephen Mix Mitchell Tench Coxe Theodore Sedgwick Theodorick Bland Thomas Adams Thomas Bee Thomas Burke Thomas Burke's Draft Address Thomas Burke's Proposed Statement Thomas Cushing Thomas FitzSimons Thomas Heyward Thomas Jefferson Thomas Johnson Thomas Johnson, Jr., Thomas Lynch Thomas McKean Thomas McKean, John Dickinson and James Wilson Thomas Mifflin Thomas Nelson Thomas Nelson, Jr., Thomas Rodney Thomas Smith Thomas Stone Thomas Tudor Tucker Thomas Willing ThomasBurke Timothy Bloodworth Timothy Matlack, Ezekiel Cornell, Charles Thomson, and James Duane Titus Hosmer Turbutt Wright Unknown Uriah Forrest Virginia Delegate Virginia Delegates Virginia and Pennsylvania Delegates Walter Livingston Whitmell Hill William Bingham William Blount William Burnet William Carmichael William Churchill Houston William Duer William Ellery William Ellery and James Madison William Few William Fitzhugh William Fleming William Floyd William Grayson William Harrison William Hemsley William Henry William Henry Drayton William Henry Drayton's Draft Address William Henry Drayton's Draft Letter William Hindman William Hooper William Houstoun William Irvine William Livingston William Paca William Paca and William Henry Drayton William Paca, Thomas Johnson, and Stephen Hopkins William Pierce William Samuel Johnson William Samuel Johnson and Rufus King William Sharpe William Shippen, Sr., William Smith William Whipple William Williams Willie Jones Willing, Morris & Co. Woodbury Langdon